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Wow patch 1.8 to

wow patch 1.8 to

WoW Patch 05 - 23 ruRU.
Download patch.0.1, you can download patch.0.1 patch by this link: Patch.0.1 for patch official WoW-servers is not ready to patch download.Blizzard may change some patch features of patch.0.1, but core conception will still same.Patch.0.1 already available on PTR-servers, so everyone can enjoy new kind of gameplay.Patch.0.1 for patch WoW it is first patch, which patch becomes with Cataclysm release.In the patch.0.1 every player will get access for all Cataclysm features, including patch new level cap, new zones and dungeons.1 for official, woW -servers is not ready to download. # Legends Showcase: Addressed a case where players who did not meet the play requirements were able to throw patch a flashy pass.
#5 This is city offline!
# Tuned animation selection that would cause a player to lose forward momentum when attempting a Swat Block.
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