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Picasa linux ubuntu 12.04 iso full

picasa linux ubuntu 12.04 iso full

It brings the evolution of Canonicals Unity desktop environment as well as Linux Kernel version.2 and fresh set of applications in official repository.
Update 1: Initially this post was about Picasa.6 but full I've updated it to the latest Picasa.8!
I'll leave KDE Ubuntu flavor Kubuntu out of this review because although ubuntu feature full packed it is usually too buggy to be taken seriously.
Also, Picasa.8 comes with a Batch Upload new feature as well as the ability to edit images in Picnik (online image editor) and Face Movie (unfortunately Face Movie doesn't work in Linux; full but you can create movies from your photos linux in Linux using PhotoFilmStrip.Now run Picasa.8 from Applications Graphics Picasa Picasa.So far Lubuntu.04 Precise Pangolin turned out really great.Step 2: Add the Google Testing PPA sudo sh -c "echo 'deb m/linux/deb/ testing non-free' /etc/apt/st" sudo apt-key adv -keyserver m -recv-keys 7FAC5991.Canonical in the form of Ubuntu.04 with Unity, Xubuntu.04 with Xfce and Lubuntu.04 with lxde.But Picasa for Linux is really old -.0 - while starting with version.6, Picasa has a really interesting feature: face recognition; and that might be very valuable to some.Edit: The same thing applies to Xfce desktop from Xubuntu.04 Precise Pangolin.You ubuntu can do something like this from terminal: sudo apt-get install libgnome2-common, this command ubuntu will install library necessary to fix this issue. The latest Picasa version -.8 - is not that easy to install manual so I though I'd post about installing Picasa.8 under Ubuntu with simple copy/paste commands (except one step in which you'll have to install something visually).
Long term release of Ubuntu with version number.04 and code name Precise Pangolin has been released a full few days ago.
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Important note: Don't click the "Places" button as it game will freeze Picasa.8 and it will fail to start again!
Apparently Qt4 apps in Lubuntu doesn't pick up correct GTK theme.
Update 2: for Picasa.9 (includes a fix for the login error see: Install Picasa.9 In Linux And Fix Google Sign In Issue Wine.It seems a lot of people are using dreamweaver Picasa under Ubuntu (which is a bit of surprise to me - I would have though people prefere gThumb or digiKam).Exe, step 5: Now all we have to do is copy the Picasa.8 files over.0 using the following command: sudo cp -r /.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Google/Picasa3 Files/Google/Picasa3/.Step 3: Install Picasa.0, yes, Picasa.0, but we'll update it in the next step: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install picasa.Step 4: Download and install Picasa.8 for Windows: cd wget m/picasa/picasa38-setup.Sure, you can simply install the Picasa.9 Windows binaries and directly run it under Wine, but Picasa.8 will lack Linux integration (with Gnome, KDE, etc.) linux such as: Camera/media detection integrated with Gnome/KDE.