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Manual nikon lenses on canon

D40-series, D50, D60, D70-series, D80, D90, D100, D200, nikon D300-series, D3XXX, D5XXX.
Obviously made to much higher specifications, it holds the lens without any give at all.The lens number merely means that the camera can store lenses data for up to 9 different lenses; its not an manual intrinsic property canon of the lens.Any discrepancy and manual focus lenses will be a pain in the butt, problem is, that AF has made the focus screen less important, it's now optimized for brightness, not focusing accurately, manual they used to shim them very accurately, not any more, a focus screen can.Canon PowerShot SX530 Olympus TG-860 Sony a7R II Canon EOS 5D Mark lenses IV Sony a6500 30 more brightcolours, forum Pro Posts: nikon 15,883, works just fine. Lightshow's gear list: Lightshow's gear list Sony Alpha NEX-7 Sony a7R Leica Elmarit-M 24mm f/2.8 asph Leica APO-Summicron-M 90mm f/2 asph Voigtlander 15mm.5 suite Super Wide Heliar 20 more brightcolours Forum Pro Posts: outpost 15,883 Re: Manual Nikon on Canon suite body In reply to Lightshow Mar.
The Nikon AI lens mount has a mechanical linkage to report the maximum aperture of the lens to film camera bodies, but the digital bodies do not use.
There's also the tactile experience of shooting with manual-focus lenses, which in the case of the Nikkors, have a far more solid feel about them than most AF lenses thanks to their all alloy, zero-plastic construction.
One of the advantages of retaining the lens mount is security that it allows photographers who own the older lenses to continue using them on the newer cameras, and it opens up the possibility for todays photographers to avail themselves of the literally millions of older.
ML is free and improves and extends camera operation so dramatically that I seriously question the sanity of anyone using Canon dslrs without ML installed.
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They use the same lens mounts, and often, the same lenses as their film-based predecessors.
I would like to give a little more explanation as well.Selected answer This post was selected as the answer by guide the original poster.ProfHankD's gear list: ProfHankD's gear list.When camera manufacturers made the switch from manual focus SLRs to autofocus models, changes were made in the cameras viewfinders which optimized them for autofocus, often at the expense of the ease and accuracy of manual focus.Manual crack focus is the only way to go with video.That won't be a problem I think; all of the 105/2.5 versions have less than 10mm protrusion from the rear flange.A nikon expert rated many lenses.And some Canon FL/FD/FDn lenses can be converted to EOS mount (with some not clearing the FF mirror at infinity, depends on the FF mirror what focus range is affected).To replace these finnleo manual focusing aids and improve photographers results when manually focusing, camera manufacturers incorporated electronic rangefinders into their dslr viewfinders. Ill post a proper review of how this unpretentious game-changer is working for me in my documentary work soon.