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Crack crawler suspention setup

crack crawler suspention setup

You will need to setup open up the setup wheel wells with body scissors, setup but doing this will make a big difference in handling.
To get it right, there are crawler two things to consider: Rider position and amount of sag.
If you are doing a ton of climbing you may like it closer.
While outfitting your rig with new tires will cost you, it is money well spent.Advertisements, at virtually every mountain bike and suspension suspention launch we attend, were told to simply sit on the crawler bike while someone slides the fun-o-meter ring to the base of the fork or shock, then we hop off and see where it lies.You dont necessarily need the same percentage of sag on the front setup of the bike, its more about finding the right balance from front to back.Porter adds: When checking the fork sag, you are looking for closer to 10-15 if you are sitting on the bike.This article explains why articulation is often misunderstood and overrated.There are drivers who can compete in competition after competition and never break a single part and then there are drivers who need every single heavy duty aluminum hop-up suspention offered.Lest you worry about sagging too far into your travel affecting the performance, the suspensions compression settings are based on speed, not position.The difference between a front weight bias and a low CG is that with a front weight bias, you can have too much of a good thing.With the same air pressure in the shock, its showing almost 40 sag when seated and just 28 in an aggressive standing position.Center skid plate clearance is increased when taller tires are installed and when the suspension height is increased. Once there, hold steady while your friend slides the O-rings against the canister/lowers, then slowly lean over and battle climb off the bike.
If youre storia running a G6, consider setting up vehicle so that its faster than a brisk walk.
To figure out how you should set it up, Fitzsimmons breaks it out like falcon so: Downhill bike: Set sag in a standing attack position.
Servo motor for battle steering.
Dont hop off that movement can compress the suspension manual further and move the rings.
Out of the box, your Axial vehicle is racing setup for high performance, but so is everyone elses.Suspension Stiffness, rock crawlers generally work best with slightly stiffer rear springs than front springs and you want to avoid an overly soft suspension that easily collapses when side hilling.If youre already using a LiPo, consider a smaller pack.Most bikes feel good between 20-30 sag, I like 25-30 most of the time, says Porter.What is of key importance is that the CG is lowas low as you can possibly get.Ive seen box stock honchos (non G8 Irons and all) take out 1000 rigs with ease, its all about roma the nut behind the trigger.The following tips cover the key elements that you should address when you want to have the best setup crawler possible.So far only the chassis is ready, but the model will be updated.Tires profoundly influence performancemaybe more than anything else.So, ready to rethink everything about how your suspension is set up?Axials softer and stickier compound is called R35 (white dot).